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Unique Venues for Off-Site Events

by Marilyn Jenett

 Los Angeles Business Journal
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Villa Bella

Los Angeles is a meeting planner's dream when plans include a reception, theme party or event at an off-site location. Creative possibilities abound in the City of Angels given the diversity of its business and cultural community, the entertainment industry and architectural influences. 

Spectacular mansions, unique museums, film studios and private entertainment industry facilities, theatre lobbies, historic landmarks, exclusive clubs and restaurants, ranches, yachts, and much more provide the creative alternatives you want to impress your guests.

Visualize a reception at a magnificent mansion at the top of Beverly Hills with a breathtaking city, ocean and mountain view, and furnished with antiques from around the globe. Or dining and dancing at a 17,000 square foot Italian Renaissance Villa featured in many art and architectural tours and used as a showcase for continuing art exhibitions. Perhaps you would prefer a $30 million private ranch in Malibu complete with emus and llamas, breathtaking scenery, spectacularly landscaped grounds and a full-size tennis court for dining under the stars.

Our city's film studios provide many options to accommodate different budgets for that requisite "Hollywood bash": soundstages, production lot theme locations, amphitheaters, even private studio restaurants that cater to stars and studio executives by day and cater to your guests at night in exclusive Hollywood style.

Private entertainment industry complexes with luxurious lobbies and outdoor plazas have adjacent film and video theatres should you desire a special "screening" and reception for your guests. Our city's landmark theatres and performing arts centers are breathtaking architectural gems and often exemplify the beauty and opulence of the Art Deco style. Their lobbies provide excellent ambience for entertaining.

Where else but in Los Angeles could you entertain at a sophisticated western heritage museum or on John Wayne's private yacht? Have Mrs. John Wayne host your event? Have the internationally known star of the film "The Man with Bogart's Face" emcee your event? Have the star of the television movie "Marilyn and Me" sing to your CEO and delight your guests? Or have "Cher" give a stuning performance and choose her "Sonny" for spicy repartee and a few bars of "I Got You, Babe"?

Have a large group to accommodate? How about a magnificent architectural landmark entertainment complex highlighted by a majestic 10,000 square-foot glass skylight and terraced wings and a grand atrium covered by a soaring 90-foot canopy of glass. Los Angeles' landmark train station suggests an early California mission. It's romantic and elegant, spacious and beautiful and its expansive main concourse can accommodate up to 900 guests. Or have our talented event professionals transform an airplane hangar into a fabulous party site for thousands.

Smaller, elegant group? Perhaps you would choose an exclusive Sunset Boulevard club displaying photos of the great stars by legendary photographer George Hurrell and dine on the terrace with a spectacular city view. Or choose one of Los Angeles' legendary restaurants - a Hollywood institution known for its warm and elegant ambiance and known also for the celebrities, sports personalities, big business CEOs and political luminaries who are its regulars (including Ronald Reagan). Another restaurant was originally built as a replica of a grand Japanese palace and overlooks the city. The Japanese feast and traditionally attired servers provide further evidence of the cross-cultural experience of Los Angeles.

Museums range from fine to contemporary art, the art of flying, the art of the West, the art and evolution of mankind and species, even the art of neon - all conducive settings to the art of partying.

Along with cultural and commercial environments, we have a world-class unversity that offers such distinctive options as a world-famous basketball arena and an internationally renowned concert hall in Spanish Italian architecture with elegant lobbies and terraces overlooking the hills of Bel Air.

Several sites offer video theatres, breakout and reception areas for regular meetings in an alternative setting. There is also a private conference center on the fashionable Westside with magnificent Northern Italian interiors and full-service amenities.

Many venues require the services of an independent catering company; others provide in-house catering only. Generally speaking, when the venue generates profit from in-house food and beverage, location fees are lower and rental equipment (tables, chairs, linen, china, etc.) is included, making the event less costly for the more conservative budget. The unique appeal and desirability of a particular location site for your company's event, however, will often justify a higher expenditure.

In conclusion, Los Angeles' unique and exciting selection of special event venues is unequaled and our company is here to help you choose the one that's perfect for you and to package your event to perfection.

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