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The Atrium

Special Event Site


Accommodates up to 1000 Guests

While many Los Angeles event locations pay homage to early eras, the spectacular Atrium is about as modern as you can get. The huge, three story space is filled with light from a soaring glass façade, an abundance of rose and mauve marble adds soft, gleaming color, while tall potted palms bring a bit of the tropics inside.

The Atrium also features a low stage for entertainment, ceremonies, speakers, etc. with walls on either side that can be decorated with a variety of props, lighting and décor.

A spectacular oak and glass paneled circular bar warmly greets guests as they arrive. Off to the right, a private banquet/meeting room which was formerly a restaurant can accommodate VIP guests or be utilized for demonstrations, displays or other uses.

Reception: 1000

Seated: 400

Meeting Room: 80

The Atrium

Intimate Holiday Party

Mapquest: From Los Angeles Convention Center

Estimated Distance: 9.65 miles

Estimated Time: 14 minutes

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