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Angel of Tourism

by Edwin S. Hughes

United Express Airlines

Excerpted from  Vistas West
 United Express Inflight Magazine
 January-March 1995

Mae and Clark

Oh, my. This truly must be the City of Angels!

For if there is an Archangel of Tourism, she probably lives in Los Angeles.

LA: A Meeting Planner's Dream

If Los Angeles is synonymous with the word "Hollywood," then no other spot in the universe can provide the glamour, the excitement and the fascination of Movietown, USA. And that's just fine for another L.A. angel of promotion, Marilyn Jenett, event planner extraordinaire.

"L.A. is a meeting planner's dream," says the owner of Marilyn Jenett Locations, who plans receptions and special events in such unique venues as breath-taking Beverly Hills mansions, museums, film studios, historic landmarks and private yachts.

"Nowhere in the world but here in the capital of film and television can visitors turn fantasy into reality," says Jenett, who's made a living  the past 15 years tossing parties in glamorous settings.

It's Jenett's job to make convention participants feel they've gotten the biggest bang for their tourist buck. And Jenett knows just how to showcase L.A. in a way that will be remembered and talked about like nowhere else.

"Los Angeles still has some surprises that can bedazzle the business traveler who has seen it all," says Jenett, who notes she dined across from James Garner and Angela Lansbury at a studio lot while hosting a site inspection. "That was after rubbing elbows with Dustin Hoffman waiting to be seated, " she laughs.

"Los Angeles still has some surprises that can bedazzle
the business traveler who has seen it all."

~ Marilyn Jenett, L.A. event planner

"For the tourist, it's just taking a movie studio tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. or Paramount to see how the amazing scenes for blockbuster movies are filmed. Or finding the hand and footprints of such luminaries as Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe at Mann's Chinese Theatre..." Jenett says.

Jenett doesn't claim to be one of L.A.'s guardian angeles, but she wants everyone to know how special her town is.

"Los Angeles is the one univeral symbol of our hopes, dreams and fantasies - and will always prevail," says Jenett. "What might appear as adversity to others is indeed just another live action adventure in L.A."

"This is a city abounding with energy, vitality and creativity and the visitor cannot help but be immersed in the vibrations of drive and accomplishment that emanate from the city of dreams."

Indeed, there are angels all over, looking out for their beloved City of Angels.

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