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Campbell Souper Star Promotions

         Souper Star Mansion         Souper Star Castle

  2006 D.L.Ryan Companies, www.ryanpartnership.com

From 2003 until 2006, Marilyn booked extraordinary locations for six multi-million dollar Campbell Soup promotions for children.

Just by going to Mysoup.com, kids up to age 15 could enter to win a stay in Souper Star Mansion, a Malibu mansion customized for mad fun. The winner stayed at the property for one week with three friends and the winner's parents or guardian - and of course the butler, maid and chef!

The program was so successful that they followed up the following year with Souper Star Castle, a week of royal ruckus for a young king or queen in an English castle. The year after that with a  private tropical oasis called Souper Star Island in the Caribbean. An industry magazine reported that Campbell had spent over $450 million by the time they reached the third promotion.

No creative effort was spared to turn these locations into the ultimate fun experience for the lucky winners. Marilyn provided Campbell and its marketing companies, Ryan Partnership in the U.S. and AccuMark Communications in Canada, with these Grand Prize locations...

Souper Star Mansion

Souper Star Castle           Souper Star Island

Malibu Estate


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