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"Don't be afraid to be original. Maintain your vision, think big and the forces of the universe will come to your aid."

— Marilyn


Taking care of business...the authentic "Cheers" set in Hollywood, a favorite event venue

Media darling…circa 1984: Los Angeles Times — a journey begins

…1986 and on — the journey continues…

Marilyn's Former Business of Two Decades

Marilyn Jenett Locations

Marilyn Jenett originated the concept of a location company for special events decades ago. Her former business, Marilyn Jenett Locations, quickly evolved into a famous special event location company offering the most complete and exciting selection of venues for corporate and convention events. The renowned, highly reputable company was considered to be among the best in the special event industry.

Maintaining the distinct reputation as the premiere location company for corporate, convention and select private events, the company was equally known for the finest event production utilizing the industry’s top professionals. Marilyn’s intuitive perception combined with considerable knowledge and skill and an unfaltering work ethic resulted in highly successful events throughout the years and ongoing relationships with her clients.

Marilyn Jenett Locations clients included the foremost corporations and associations in the world, convention meeting planners and participants, local businesses, entertainment companies and celebrities. Her ease in interacting with high profile clientele, corporate executives and celebrities led her to personally hire major talent from the entertainment and sports worlds.

The company was acclaimed by major media, including local and national television and radio and feature articles in major newspapers, magazines and trade publications. Marilyn herself had written authoritative and informative articles over the years for the Los Angeles Business Journal and other notable publications. She was a longstanding member of the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau (LA Inc.)

Marilyn Today

Feel Free to Prosper

Marilyn is a lifelong student of Universal laws pertaining to the creative powers of the mind. In 2003, she became a renowned prosperity mentor with an international following, www.feelfreetoprosper.com. Her previous  achievements in the business world were the result of the prosperity principles she now teaches in her Feel Free to Prosper Program, a simple yet powerful lesson and mentoring program based on mental and spiritual laws. The program traditionally creates results within two weeks!

Marilyn founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. Thousands have applied her techniques to manifest striking results and learn how to “put the universe on speed dial.”

Free to Prosper — Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, the book based on her teachings, is published by Penguin Random House and is available at booksellers worldwide.

Her fascinating memoir, Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance, was written completely online, has captivated over 118,000 readers, and has attracted countless rave reviews and extraordinary public attention. You can read this amazing story free online until the book is published.

Marilyn is a top featured speaker for globally popular telesummit shows. Audiences embrace her authenticity, grounded teachings and content-rich topics. Her students around the globe are fulfilling her two-week promise with her simple, fast and affordable self-study audio program.

Marilyn believes that her entrepreneurial journey in the corporate world served as the vehicle for her to become indoctrinated in these profound Universal laws. Her victory in overcoming her own “lack” consciousness culminated in her faith and conviction in these laws and the recognition of her life’s purpose — and spiritual obligation — to teach others.

How about a “low-profile” location for your next bash?
Oh, yes…Marilyn's date for the evening
(New Year's Eve Gala for Michelin North America )

This incomplete $12 million villa provided the perfect design-in-progress
theme for Home & Garden Television's private bash featuring
Crosby, Stills & Nash, produced by Marilyn Jenett Locations

On location at the 1924 Frank Lloyd Wright
masterpiece patterned after a Mayan temple

Marilyn had the orchestra seats of this historic theatre covered
with a platform to create the party area for Home & Garden Television's
cable industry bash that she produced in New Orleans…

Then she hired Harry Connick, Jr . to rock the house with his funk band


Harry performing solo...

Marilyn hired Sports Superstars for a medical convention event
she produced for client Amersham Health.

Marilyn's 5'8” is no match for broadcaster Bill Walton's 6'11” (secret: she's no sports fan!)
With legendary athlete
Ann Myers Drysdale

With legendary “Showtime” Laker
Norm Nixon
Norm Nixon signs autographs
for visiting doctors


Marilyn provided this striking Malibu estate
and coordinated details for Campbell's
major promotion

This magnificent castle in England
was the next booking



And this private Caribbean island followed


Event Photo Credits

Cheers and Michelin North America: Arthur Cohen Photography (in memoriam)
Home & Garden Television:  Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography
Amersham Health:  Johnny G. Photography

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